· A free Photoshop alternative strictly for Windows versions 7 through 10, the Paint.NET interface is reminiscent of the operating system's Paint application; the built-in image editing tool for PC users worldwide. The similarities are no coincidence, as the original developer's intent was to replace MS Paint with something a little better. ...


 · Krita – Best Free Alternative Photoshop For Linux Users Krita has won applauds for being among the best image editing tools, based on the open-source platforms such as Unix and Linux. The tool is an excellent selection for all your image editing needs on an open-source platform and comes as a package with the KOffice suite.


 · 4. Krita Works on Mac Also. Krita is the perfect free Photoshop alternative for photographers that need a little more flexibility when it comes to creativity.. Krita is an up and coming free Photoshop alternative. In fact, artists looking to give everyone affordable art tools built Krita for conceptual artists, texture and matte painters, illustrators, and comic strip creators.

GIMP is the Best Free Photoshop Alternatives 2020. High Quality Photo Manipulation – GIMP provides the tools needed for high quality image manipulation. From retouching to restoring to creative composites, the only limit is your imagination.


 · This free Photoshop alternative offers lesser options than GIMP, but easier to grasp. Being in the race of automatic filters, Paint.NET also offers an exceptional choice of automatic filters along with manual editing tools for general adjustments; like GIMP and Photo Pos Pro does. To enjoy masks and layers, you need to install a plugin, whereas ...


 · 10 Free Photoshop Alternatives GIMP Released in 1996, GNU image manipulation program is a multi platform supported, free, open source image machinator that is used for art creation, animation, image editing and enhancement with features like layers, filters, gradients amongst others.