· Step 3 – Bring the Pirate Man into the Scene. Copy the Man Photo from Flickr into your scene. Scale the image to 55% and call this layer Pirate Layer. I will put all the layers that belong to the pirate photo manipulation, in a new group. Place the pirate in the right corner of the image.


 · How To Create a Dramatic Movie Poster In Photoshop - Duration: ... How to Photoshop - The Flying Pirate Ship ... Make a Poster With Combination Photo Manipulation Techniques Photoshop Tutorial ...

How to Create a Surreal Pirate House Photo Manipulation in Photoshop. Now on the same layer, click white smaller brush on the middle of yellow spot. Next set the shape of the brush stroke as below, click white hard dot in the middle of the spot. Set this layer to hard light at 100%.

Create an Authentic Looking Pirate Treasure Map. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Today's tutorial is a whole load of fun, and will show you how to create a pirate themed treasure map in Photoshop.


 · Photoshop CC 2015 tutorial in 2 parts showing how to design a create the look of an aged, vintage, Letterpress poster! I provided a PSD template, so you can follow along. Part 2:

Create a new layer called ‘maps’ above your paper texture layer, and apply one of the maps using a black paintbrush. Be sure to give this layer a clipping mask, so that the map clips to the shape of the underlying paper. Now apply a regular layer mask to your ‘maps’ layer.

Create an Aged and Textured Pirate Poster An aged and textured pirate themed poster that’s perfect for any booty related event. This lesson teaches us that we must always lock our freezers when we are storing our hooch, in addition to some Photoshop work in recreating the ominous and evidentiary pirate poster.


 · First open your poster file in Photoshop. Select all of the layers and Right-click to Convert to Smart Object. Then Right-click the Smart Object and choose Export Contents, and Save your poster as a Smart Object. Switch over to your new file with the tree background.

8 Poster Design: 70+ Awesome and Creative Tutorials. Once or twice a week I like to come up with articles that really expose my viewers to the various types of tutorials that they need to get their latest design projects off the ground.

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