· Hey guys, in this fun tutorial I will show you how to make a cracks on a human skin. You can use same technique to add a cracks to anything else.Have fun!DOW...


 · Go to “File → Place” and select crack image (you can get one by simply searching on Google) and place it above “Main” Layer. Step 4: Now Click …


 · In today's Photoshop episode, I will share some great techniques on how to create a cracked skin look. This video is suitable for beginning levels. We'll be ...


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Create a new layer, and draw an irregular line using the brush tool. Zoom in and play with the line's opacity (you can delete or opaque certain parts), apply some smudge and also some shadows using blending styles. Alternative, you can use a crack brush such as this one: The 'making it realistic' part is up to your Phothosop skills.

While holding down the left mouse key start in the top/left corner and draw a crack over a distance that's about 1/5 of the final size of the crack. Once you've reached that point, release the mouse button but don't(!) move the mouse, press the right bracket key ] on your keyboard once, to increase the master diameter of the pencil with 1 pixel and continue where you left off.

Interested in creating a cracked wall texture in Photoshop but aren't quite sure how to go about doing it? See how it's done with this quick guide. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular graphics editor or a seasoned design professional looking to get better acquainted with the industry-standard app, you're sure to benefit from this free software tutorial.

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