☆Here you'll can find stuff for twitter and some resources for photoshop too. Hope you enjoy all! and please don't forget give us credits if u take/use something, I really appreciate if you respect my work, thanks for choosing us! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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download: follow me! like or reblog the post and ask me (logged) with the psd name + please. if you use this psd, give credit by tag me and use #miniepsds. don't use as a base, don't copy, don't claim as yours and don't share anywhere. if adjust or use with another psd, still give me credits!

PHOTOSHOP DOWNLOAD MASTERPOST. these are the only download links i found since most of the download links i posted before had been removed. To download, choose which version of photoshop you want and click one of the download links. If it doesn’t work try the other download links. If you need help feel free to ask me. enjoy!

“adobe photoshop c s 6 portable by wasirauhlpsds ♡ ((download)) ” so, here we go! The link is mine and I hope it works for you. Any error, please, let me know by our ask.

This new theme features the work of Spanish illustrator Julia Mora.Click here to check her portfolio!. itsphotoshop is a collection of all kinds of resources for your Photoshop edits such as tutorials, textures, colorings, fonts... Here you will also find tutorials on how to make and customize Tumblr themes.

welcome! here you find resources for photoshop, twitter and tumblr! enjoy it. index message colorings actions. drop link 1 drop link 2 drop link 3. archive. avattars. January 26 383 notes. avattars. ... if you download the resource, please like or reblog the post, thank you <3 original post. ...

Photoshop (I’m using PS5) KMPlayer ; A site you download youtube videos from ( is a good site I use, but be careful while clicking through, and un-check any unnecessary boxes such as toolbars and programs) Some basic knowledge of photoshop, such as actions and cropping, and some ideas on how gifs are made; Sharpening Action by ...

Modera ou já moderou algum tumblr? Se sim, qual? Porque devemos confiar em você ? Junto com a ficha coloque o link do download e envie tudo por submit, o resultado sairá em breve. Reblog o post para ajudar na divulgação, boa sorte a todos ! ————————————————-RULES: Just send your file if you it’s active.

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