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Open the keygen, and enter the serial number it provides you into Photoshop and hit "activate online"It will say, activation unsucessful.It's supposed to do this.

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 · I was given a link online to go to, and enter my serial numbers and get a new serial number. Also i had to download 2 files to install the "new" photoshop cs3 extended (not installation from the discs) and now when I activated the product with the new serial, when I tried to use any programs appears a window said:


 · I purchase Photoshop Elements 12 sometime ago and my computer crashed and I was forced to buy a new one. I have a disc. However, my new HP does not have a disc drive. I put all the required numbers in for the previous purchase and received a serial number then nothing happened and there were no instructions or a continue button.


 · Then, open any program from the CS3. It will then ask you to use the 30 day trial or register it with a serial number. Choose to register with a serial number and enter "1326-0110-5569-6121-4741-2255" and click next. The serial number will be accepted and you now have to activate the program for it to fully function. Don't rush. Choose